Friday, June 22, 2012

Tactical Operations Ammo Cheek Pad Review

Tactical Operations Ammo Cheek Pad

First up, and ever, is going to be the Tactical Operations Ammo Cheek Pad. They can be found at One thing to know about me is that I am a dedicated south paw, so this particular model is a left handed one in Multicam. As a side note, my transactions with the folks at tactical works have been outstanding. Their customer service is excellent. Take a few minutes to check out their site.
Initially after trying to find an Eagle cheek pad that was in a color and configuration that I liked without success (meaning left handed and something other than black), my internet scouring turned up the TacOps cheek pad. I have never looked back and liked them enough that two of my rifles now wear them. Any future bolt gun is likely to wear one as well. The construction and materials are excellent and from what I can tell should have no problems standing up to hard use. I apologize in advance for the photography skills.

  Here is the top view. The black area where your cheek rests is quite comfortable. It is slightly padded and has a felt like texture to it. It does tend to collect DNA samples in the form of dead skin from your cheek. Call it seasoning if you will. You can kind of see that in the picture above. The multicam material as you can see is mostly covered by the bullet loops. They hold 8 rounds of .308 quite securely; I don't anticipate any lost ammo due to the elastic.

  Here's the view from underneath. I show you this to point out that the straps are fully adjustable. The black area here is velcro for the straps to hook on to. They are guided through some webbing to help keep them in place. In the upper left area there is a strap which hooks onto the end of your butt stock should you so choose. The entire unit can be cinched down very tight and will not move around on you. The tacticalworks website shows it actually on a rifle if you want that perspective.

A nifty little feature the TacOps cheek pad has is this little area in between the main pouch and the pad itself. It Velcros shut and is very small, my fingers barely fit in there. As to what to put in it? The main pouch has a taper to it so that makes this area not ideal for a dope card; but it could be done. A Mildot Master almost fits in there but again the taper makes that unworkable. You could stash some cordage of some sort. Maybe a boresnake, some condoms or beef jerky might be able to be crammed in there. Honestly I haven't found a good use for it.. yet. If you have any good ideas, lemme know.

Here's the top view of the main pouch area. I'll try to update this to give you a better idea of the capacity of it.


 Lastly, here is what I keep in mine. This particular cheek pad rides on a 10-22, so I have some ammo (since guns are just expensive clubs without them), a small bottle of lube, a small wrench and various allen wrenches for screws on the gun and scope. I forget where I got that wrench exactly but I picked up a few of them because they just happen to fit the nut on the scope rings perfectly. This kit allows me to help keep the gun running in the field and also reset the scope turrets on my Weaver scope. In closing, I am very happy with this piece of kit and highly recommend you check it out if you are in the market.


  1. it's nice ammo cheek pads for keep ammo. your post is so informative thanx for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the review, I am a south paw as well an have been having a hard time finding one. I will order mine right now.

    1. Thanks for reading, you won't be disappointed with your purchase!

      Left handed gear is a theme on this site so look around a bit for other south paw specific posts