Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8541 Tactical Ammo Burrito - Review

The Tactical Ammo Burrito

This is a clever product from John McQuay of 8541 Tactical. He was *I believe* a former USMC scout/sniper and has been actively building a name for himself in the tactical long-range shooting community lately. You may see him in various gun forums under the name LoneWolfUSMC. In addition to his own website he has been doing a weekly Q&A session on youtube called Mail Call Mondays that provide excellent information for precision rifle shooters of all skill levels. If you are into bolt guns with bipods and expensive pieces of glass

then you will likely find something useful in his video series. Plus you can field questions to the expert himself which is outstanding. John also has a small product line on his website and I am going to talk about one of those products in this post.

To set the record straight, I haven't been an operational anything so I'm not sure how the professionals carry their ammunition in the field; but prior to ordering a couple of these burros I had been carrying my rifle ammo in one of those plastic reload boxes. It got the job done but there were a few things that drove me nuts about them. One thing is that they are bulky and can easily pop open in your bag and dump cartridges everywhere. Ask me how I know. They also make a whole bunch of noise rattling bullets around. I like my gear to be quiet. Mr. McQuay came up with a simple but ingenious way of carrying a bunch of rifle rounds in the field in an easily accessible manner. You can pretty much already see how it works from the picture, it is self-explanatory. For just about the same size footprint in my pack I can carry more ammo and it is quiet. Problems solved.

A very handy feature that I haven't taken advantage of yet is an area to put reference cards. Most likely it would be used for bullet drop and wind data but obviously any information you felt was prudent could be put there. One word of caution is that ink and/or printer toner can imprint itself on the plastic screen there. The documentation you get with the ammo burrito suggests that you either laminate your range card or cover it with packing tape.

These are the 30 round models and John also makes 20 round models as well. Currently there are two common caliber options available, .308 or a .30'06 model. There is also a Magnum Burrito for those of you using .300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua. John also says on his site you can contact him for custom caliber designs.

The construction feels solid. The elastic loops are snug and everything is neatly put together. I haven't had the opportunity to take mine to the field yet but I expect they will get the job done. If you have read this far into the post then check out the 8541 Tactical Site and have a look around. I bet you will like what you see.

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